Egypt approves tougher jail terms for FGM

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CAIRO (Reuters) - Egypt has approved a law that will increase jail terms for those who perform female circumcisions, raising the maximum sentence to seven years from two, according to the state's official gazette on Wednesday.

Tougher disability benefit assessment may have taken 'serious' toll on mental health

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The introduction of a more stringent test to assess eligibility for disability benefit in England may have taken a 'serious' toll on the nation's mental health, concludes new research.

China gets tougher for Western drugmakers

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LONDON (Reuters) - The Chinese market is getting tougher for Western pharmaceutical companies as Beijing bears down on a rising healthcare bill and prices come under pressure.

UTIs Are Getting Tougher to Treat

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If you’ve ever had one (or a dozen), you might not be surprised to learn that urinary tract infections, or UTIs, are the most common bacterial infections in the United States.

Women's Brains May Have Tougher Time Recovering From Concussion

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MRI study suggests working memory doesn't bounce back quickly as it does in men

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