Voice analysis software may help diagnose PTSD in veterans

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(Reuters Health) - Voice analysis software can help detect post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) in veterans based on their speech, a study suggests.

Computer Software Able to Detect Skin Cancer

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Computer Software Able to Detect Skin Cancer

Software Optimized on Mira Advances Design of Mini-Proteins for Medicines, Materials

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Scientists at the University of Washington are using Mira to virtually design unique, artificial peptides, or short proteins. Peptides have the best properties of two different classes of medical drugs today and could enable future, peptide-based medicines with few side effects. As researchers begin to develop new peptides, they are optimizing their in-house software to test thousands of potential peptide structure designs in tandem, requiring a state-of-the-art supercomputer.
To evaluate the impact of interactive Nutri-Advice kiosks on children's nutritional skills and their ability to apply it to food choices in a middle school cafeteria menu (food choice competencies).

Software uses just two photos to work out what size you are in only five minutes 

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A smartphone app, developed by a San Francisco-based lingerie company, Thirdlove, can calculate the size of a woman's body as well as her bust size - all within five minutes.

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