Fake meat maker plans real IPO

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Best known for its plant-based vegan burgers, Beyond Meat hopes to sell its stock on Nasdaq for around $20 a share

Health Plans Spend $1,000 More Per Patient Depending On Region

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Heath spending by U.S. commercial insurers can vary by $1,000 or more per year per patient depending on where enrollees live, a report from the Network for Regional Healthcare Improvement says.

Open floor plans may lead to more eating

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Dining environments can have serious consequences for eating behaviors, say investigators. The study findings may have important implications not only for college and university students, but also for people who need to eat in health care, group home and military settings.

Samantha Gash plans record run across India

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To celebrate World Vision’s 50th anniversary, Samantha Gash, 31, ultra marathon runner from Melbourne, is planning to undertake a gruelling run across the diverse terrain of India.
Kicking off on Monday 22 August, Samantha will run close to 4,000 km from West to East to raise money and awareness for World Vision projects tackling barriers to quality education.
In India today, 4 per cent of children never start school, 58 per cent don't complete primary school, and 90 per cent fail to finish high school. Combined with the fact that 67.7 million India youths are

Does Where a Mother Plans to Deliver Matter for the Baby?Does Where a Mother Plans to Deliver Matter for the Baby?

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Comparisons of home vs hospital birth outcomes have been hampered by the inability to assess intended birth setting, until now. Medscape Pediatrics

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