FDA Approves First 3-D Printed Pill

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The FDA has approved the first prescription drug made through 3-D printing: a dissolvable tablet that treats seizures.

FDA approves device to treat heart defect in tiniest babies

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Smaller than a pea, the device from Abbott can be implanted in premature babies weighing as little as 2 pounds

FDA Approves New Rosacea Treatment

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When applied to skin, foam helps heal pimples, bumps of common skin condition

U.S. approves plans for three states set up Obamacare exchanges

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(Reuters) - The Obama administration has approved plans by Arkansas, Delaware and Pennsylvania to create their own state-based health insurance marketplaces instead of relying on a federal website to enroll residents, a government spokesman said on Tuesday.

FDA Approves Indego Exoskeleton for Clinical and Personal Use

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The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has given clearance to market and sell the powered lower-limb exoskeleton created by a team of Vanderbilt engineers and commercialized by the Parker Hannifin Corporation for both clinical and personal use in the United States.

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