Hundreds of dietary supplements are marketed as weight loss pills, but the evidence for effectiveness for most is unproven. The objective of this review was to critically appraise and evaluate the evidence from published randomized clinical trials (RCTs) examining the effectiveness of polyglycoplex (PGX), a novel functional fibre, on body weight and metabolic parameters.
Reducing length of stay (LOS) is a priority for hospitals but patients' decline in nutritional status may have a negative impact. The aims of the study were to assess the change in nutritional status during hospitalization and determine if its decline is associated with prolonged LOS.

Presentation of a nationwide multicenter registry of intestinal failure and intestinal transplantation

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Exact data on Dutch patients with chronic intestinal failure (CIF) and after intestinal transplantation (ITx) have been lacking. To improve standard care of these patients, a nationwide collaboration has been established. Objectives of this study were obtaining an up-to-date prevalence of CIF and characterizing these patients using the specially developed multicenter web-based Dutch Registry of Intestinal Failure and Intestinal Transplantation (DRIFT).

Use of the nutritional risk score by surgeons and nutritionists

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The Nutritional Risk Score (NRS) is a validated tool to identify patients who should benefit of nutritional interventions. Nutritional screening however has not yet been widely adopted by surgeons. Furthermore, the question about reliability of nutritional assessment performed by surgeons is still unanswered.

Toward a cancer-specific diet

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It is widely acknowledged that the energy metabolism of cancer cells mainly relies on anaerobic glycolysis and this has prompted many researchers to try to reduce the malignant cells growth of experimental tumours through a programme of calorie restriction. Recently this approach has been proposed also to cancer patients. In the meantime it was demonstrated that the effects of calorie restriction on tumour growth are mediated through the toxic effect of ketone bodies on cancer cells which have a defective mitochondrial function, while these substrates are well-utilized by the normal cells.
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