Enjoy Soy: Plant Protein Complete With All 9 Essential Amino Acids | Ornish Living

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Here is a brief but in-depth overview of the current research on soy and health. We conclude that moderate amounts of soy, primarily whole, minimally-processed or fermented soy foods are safe and can be a valuable part of a low-fat, vegetarian diet....

Potential danger in dietary supplements |

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Get Springfield and western Massachusetts local, breaking, investigative news, and weather on 22News, working for you, keeps you safe and informed.

Pine bark extract shows memory, focus and decision making benefits

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Daily supplements of extracts from French maritime pine bark may boost a range of cognitive measures and mood in healthy professionals, says a new pilot study from Italy.

How to spot the rare dietary supplement that’s actually legit - The Washington Post

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Don't waste your money on snake oil.

Dietary supplements are safe - The Washington Post

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The Feb. 8 editorial “ A recipe for trouble ,” about the safety of dietary supplements, based its conclusions on a testing methodology that, as indicated in the piece , is disputed by expert...
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