Ultrasound examinations can identify patients at risk of stroke

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Ultrasound, a non-invasive technique commonly used to study the presence of atherosclerosis disease in blood vessels, can be used to identify patients at increased risk of future stroke who could benefit from surgery. Since surgical treatment to prevent stroke is only considered beneficial to some, ultrasound can prove useful in preventing unnecessary surgical intervention, new research shows.

Want honesty? Make it the easiest choice, suggests research

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We're more likely to do the right thing in situations of moral conflict when it requires little to no effort, new research confirms. If income information is automatically entered into our tax return, we may be less likely to alter it to something that is incorrect once it's there. However, the passive response can promote cheating, too.

People who rely on their intuition are, at times, less likely to cheat

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In psychological studies, intuition, or 'gut instinct,' is the ability to understand something immediately, without the need for conscious reasoning. Now, a new study has determined that individuals who are prone to trust their instincts may at times be less likely to commit immoral acts. Findings indicate that people who tend to rely on their intuition are less likely to cheat after reflecting on past experiences during which they behaved immorally.

Immune-disorder treatment in mice holds potential for multiple sclerosis patients

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A simple, rapid way to treat an immune-related disorder in mice has been identified by researchers, an approach that could eventually help multiple sclerosis patients after further research.

'Sport shoppers' bargain hunt simply for the thrill of it, new research finds

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A new type of shopper -- the 'sport shopper' -- has been identified by researchers, for whom shopping is akin to athletic competition. They describe the sport shopper as someone who can afford to purchase items at full price, but instead bargain hunts for the thrill of out-smarting the retail system -- versus bargain shoppers who look for deals out of necessity.

Sharing economy can help financial struggles

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The power of the sharing economy in shaking up traditional industries can be harnessed to help financially struggling consumers, according to new research.

'Connector hubs' are the champions of brain coordination

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Swinging a bat at a 90-mph fastball requires keen visual, cognitive and motor skills. But how do diverse brain networks coordinate well enough to hit the ball? A new study suggests the human brain's aptitude and versatility can be credited in large part to 'connector hubs,' which filter and route information.

Complex humor is no laughing matter

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Since the earliest times, laughter and humor have performed important functions in human interaction. Jokes give us control over laughter and are therefore a way to elicit these positive effects intentionally. In order to comprehend why some jokes are perceived as funny and others are not, researchers investigated the cognitive mechanism underlying laughter and humor.

Republicans prefer politicians with deep voices

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Masculine features are important assets for conservative politicians, while it is more important for their liberal counterparts to have gentle features, according to two recent scientific articles. This suggests that physical features have a larger impact on voter preferences than previously thought and that different physical features appeal to different voter segments.

Mental health risk for new dads

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Anxiety around the arrival of a new baby is just as common as postnatal depression, and the risks for men are nearly as high as for women, researchers have found. A mental health researcher reviewed 43 separate studies and found anxiety before and after a child arrives is just as prevalent as depression, affecting around 1 in 10 men, around half the rate for women.

Lactate for brain energy

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Nerve cells cover their high energy demand with glucose and lactate, scientists confirm. They show for the first time in the intact mouse brain evidence for an exchange of lactate between different brain cells. With this study they were able to confirm a 20-year old hypothesis.

3D amplifies emotions evoked by facial expressions

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New research findings have implications for emotion research, entertainment industry and 3D displays, say investigators. They found that 2D photographs of facial expressions fail to evoke emotions as strongly as live faces, possibly due to the low fidelity of the pictorial presentation.

Final year individual bonuses are counter-productive

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Rewarding teamwork or group efforts enhances business performance, say researchers. The work has found that it makes better business sense to reward team performance rather than provide individual bonuses -- and that group rewards generate the top-performing individuals.

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